Consultant Updates

Why Visitors Come Back?

Posted by Tom Bandy, Consultant on

 Please feel free to watch the video above. The information below is the transcription from this video. We hope that you find this information beneficial and helpful.  Why do visitors come back? Tom Bandy My name is Tom Bandy, and I am consulting with...

Consultant Update - 10/13/2020

Posted by Tom Bandy, Consultant on

  About what motivates people to worship… I am often asked how where the anxieties that drive the quest for God come from. They are called “existential” anxieties because they lie at the roots of human existence itself. These have been defined in different ways in...

Consultant Update - August 20, 2020

Posted by Trish Reynolds on

PLANNING FOR OUR FUTURE AT THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Over the last several months, church leadership has been planning our way forward. We wanted to share with you some of the insights as we move forward with a Consultant Project. In the past, we have utilized consultants to help steer our...