All is Forgiven, Please Come Home.

Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Years ago, a man names Ernest Hemingway wrote a story about a young boy named Paco and his father, who had a falling out.  Paco ran away from home.  His father desperately wanted to find him, bring him back, and forgive him. He searched all over Spain, but without any success.

Finally, in desperation, he went to the city of Madrid. He took an ad out in the newspaper, in bold print that simply said, “Paco, please come home. All is forgiven.  Love, Papa. Meet me at the Hotel Montana Tuesday at noon.”

When his father showed up at the Hotel Montana Tuesday at noon he could not believe his eyes. 800 young boys named Paco were there, looking for their father,  hoping he was the one ready to forgive him.

In the same way, God is waiting to forgive every one of us, and bring us home.