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This is the time of year when there are lots of weddings.  I’m at Two Little Buds, on “D” Street, here in Hamilton…it’s a flower shop, great little place.  Reminds of a story, though, that took place in North Carolina, years ago.   

A woman’s daughter was going to get married in a small country church. So, she wanted to save money, since it was a tight budget.  She clipped her own magnolia blossoms and put them all throughout the sanctuary. It was beautiful. That was on Friday.  Friday night, a tremendous thunderstorm came through and knocked out the power and the air-conditioning. When she walked in on Saturday morning, all of the blossoms had turned brown. She was devastated. She didn’t have the time, nor the money to buy new flowers. So, she said a quick prayer, and said, “God, I need help, and I need it quick.” She walked down the front steps of the church and lo, and behold just down the street were four magnolia trees in full bloom.  She knocked on the door and asked the man if she could have some of them……explained her situation.  He said, “Yes, let me help.”  He got out his ladder and started cutting down, filled the whole trunk of her car. He saved the day. And then he said to her, something like this, “Are you an angel? “ She said, “Oh, no.”  He said, “ My wife died on Tuesday.  On Thursday, I buried her. Here we are on Saturday and everybody’s left. I said to the Lord ‘who could possibly use an old man like me?’ But now, I think I’ve found a new ministry. I’m going to start taking my flowers to funeral homes, to nursing homes, to anyone or whoever just might need them.”

Sometimes God surprises us in many wonderful ways. I’d love to see you this Sunday in church at The Presbyterian Church, here in Hamilton.