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A while back at a mall during Christmastime, there was a woman who had been shopping all day.  She’d heard over the speaker that there was a sale going on in the linen department, so she ran and grabbed a tablecloth that she wanted to buy.  When she grabbed it, another woman grabbed it at the same time. The lady shouted out, “It’s mine!” She won, and she got her tablecloth.  By around 4:00, she was tired and there wasn’t much Christmas spirit in her, she met some of her girlfriends at the food mart, sat down and said to the waitress walking by, “I need hot tea now.”  The waitress said, “I’m not your server.” She shouted back anyway, but the waitress just walked off.  A moment later, a young man walked up, very calm. He said, “Hi, I’m Rob.  I’ll be your server.”  He took her order and then helped the other waitress, who was apparently having a bad day. One of the ladies sitting at the table said, “Did you all notice the ring that was on his finger? It spelled the word ‘Jesus’.” Rob had apparently spent some time with the Lord that day and found peace that he needed and that Jesus brought to us.

I hope you’ll get a moment just to spend with the Lord this day and find the peace you need during this Christmas season.