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Over the years, I’ve heard lots of confessions, but I think it’s time for me to make one to you.

Several years back, I was invited to an Ohio State Michigan game – the first one I’d ever been to.  We went tailgating, I ate fried turkey for the first time in my whole life, and then it was time to make the great trek to the stadium with thousands of fans. I was trailing the group by about 20 yards, and I noticed one of my friends up in front dropped a chewing gum wrapper out of the back of his pocket. So being the good steward that I am of the Lord’s creation, I bent down and scooped it up, and was about to throw it in the garbage can when I looked a little more closely and noticed it was his Ohio State/Michigan ticket.

Several tempting thoughts crossed my mind at that moment. Do I make a quick $600 as we approach the stadium to some unsuspecting fan who’s ready to pay?  Do I watch and enjoy the moment when he searches and searches his pockets at the turnstile and watch him squirm a little? Or do I simply tap him on the shoulder and do the right thing? Well, I did, and I handed him his ticket and his eyes turned out like bulging silver dollars.  And then everybody took their tickets and put them in their front pocket, so we wouldn’t lose them.

When you get the chance this weekend to do the right thing, let me encourage you; there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing.  Go Bucks!

After you’ve eaten all the turkey you can and all the leftovers come join me this Sunday at 9:30 here at The Presbyterian Church for the traditional service, or at 10:45 across the street at the Court St. building for a praise service. Look forward to seeing you.