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There’s a legend in the middle east about a shepherd, one of the original shepherds.  And every Christmas his grandchildren would gather around the fire with him and all the family. The grandchildren would say, “Tell us again, Grandpa, tell us again about that first Christmas Eve night.” And he’d say, “OK, gather around.” And he’d begin by telling them, “It was a cold winter night and we were out watching over our flocks by night. And it was still, and unusual silence, and then out of nowhere, an angel appeared and scared us to death.  But he said, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ He said, ‘For this day in Bethlehem, just over those hills, a savior has been born. He is Christ, the Lord. Go, and see.’ “And he told the grandchildren, “All of a sudden, the heavens filled with thousands of angels singing and praising God. And so, we all gathered ourselves together and left, and we ran to Bethlehem. And we knocked on doors, ‘til we found this baby lying in a manger. And we praised God, and we told everyone what we had seen. And we told Mary and Joseph about the angels, and then we went and told everybody in the town what we had seen.” And then he would finish his story. And one of his granddaughters stopped him and asked him….she said, “Grandpa, why do you always pause at the part in the story every Christmas Eve where you said ‘we all left our flocks and ran to Bethlehem’?” He looked at her and he said, “I didn’t go.  I decided not to go. I decided to stay by the fire, and I regret it every day.” 

Come to church on Christmas Eve, come join us. Come be a part of the greatest night in the world.