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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

 This time of year, people are talking about Spring Break, warmer weather, maybe even getting away and going to Florida.

 Years ago, I had a church back in Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley, and a little 5 yr. old boy, named Robert, had a great sense of humor.  For the first time in his life, he was going to Myrtle Beach to swim in the ocean. So, the family left on the trip, and every 5 minutes Robert would pop his head up over the backseat and say, “Dad, how much further is it?”  This went on for 45 minutes. Finally his father said, “Robert, when we get there, we will be there. Don’t ask me again ‘how much further is it?’.”  Robert sat back down for about 10 minutes and popped his head over the back seat again and said, “Mom?”.  She said, “Yes, Robert?” He said, “Mom, do you see that house up there on that hill?” She said, “Yes”, and then Robert said, “Mom, if those people left for Myrtle Beach right now, how much further is it for them?”

Keep your sense of humor, keep your sense of joy, God’s world will be coming back to life.