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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Years ago, there was a church bus driver who would drive into the neighborhoods and invite children to come to church on Sunday. He met a little 8-year-old boy and his brother and invited him to church. The little boy said, “We’ve never been to church before.” The bus driver said, “I’ll be here tomorrow with donuts to pick you up and take you to church,” and he did. 

Once they got into church there were all kinds of customs and things going on that the little 8-year-old boy didn’t understand. At one point, he saw two grumpy old men stand up and pass plates up and down the pews. It dawned on him that they were giving money to Jesus. When the plate came past him, he felt terrible because he didn’t have any money in his pockets. When the plates were walked down to the front to be dedicated, he jumped up, ran down and asked if he could hold the offering plate one more time. And then he put it on the floor, and he gently stepped into the middle of the offering plate and said, “Jesus, I don’t have anything that I can give you today but I give you my heart.”

What a great story and a great lesson for all of us. What if we started each day by saying, “Lord, I give you my heart”? I’d love to see you here at The Presbyterian Church this Sunday when we’ll talk more about this.