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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on


We just came through Christmas Season. At Christmas dinner we have all sorts of wonderful foods.  We have mashed potatoes, we have sweet potato casserole, and it got me to thinking there are all sorts of tater people in this world. For example, there are people who just sit around and watch others do the work. They’re called “spec-taters”.   Then there are those who sit around and critique others’ work, but they don’t do any of it. They’re called “commen-taters”. Then there are those who tell everybody to do the work, but won’t lift a finger. They’re called “dic-taters”. Then there are those who go around causing problems and questioning everything, and they’re called “agi-taters”. There are also those who say they’re gonna do something, but in the end, they don’t.  They’re called “hesi-taters”.  And then there are those who say they can do the work, but they can’t – they pretend. They’re called “imi-taters”. Finally, there are those who bring sunshine into our lives.  They do exactly what they say and promise they’ll do, and they do it on time and brighten our world.  And they’re called “sweet taters.”

So, in 2019, ask yourself….what kind of tater are you gonna be?  Happy New Year.