June 2015 Update - Stewardship Committee

06.23.15 | News | by Stewardship Committee

June 2015 Update - Stewardship Committee

    Report from Stewardship Committee:


    Your Stewardship Committee is moving full throttle ahead preparing for the upcoming Stewardship Campaign to begin August, 2015. We have added additional congregation members to this committee in the anticipation of more interest and enthusiasm toward fulfilling the Biblical teaching of giving back to HIM all that is HIS. Upcoming special dates and information will be forthcoming, be sure to prepare yourselves for this campaign and all the new information which will be presented in a timely manner leading up to the CONSECRATION SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2015. Go ahead and mark your calendars for this date as it will represent your 2016 commitment to the future of our Church and to further HIS word throughout the world.

    The Committee is following the guidelines set forth by Herb Miller, in his latest booklet New Consecration Sunday, which has been proven to be a successful campaign criteria.