Mission Report for May 2018

05.31.18 | News | by Mission Committee

Mission Report for May 2018

    Mission Report

    The mission committee meets at 6:00pm in the M&M Room on the second Tuesday of each month. Members include Randy Towles (Elder/Chair), Carol Harlan, Katie Huff, Peggy Music, Marla Richardson, and Carole Squibb

    The mission committee thanks the congregation for their continued prayers and support for our CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) partners, local missions, and worldwide missionaries.

    The mission committee has approved a financial donation to cover the cost of a cistern in Campeche, Mexico. Family owned cisterns can supply 12,500 gallons of rainwater annually. Cistern water is more than just clean water; it provides a sustenance level for farmers, improved health in communities, demonstrates the value of partnership, the healing unity of prayer, and our Mexican partners teach useful construction skills to those who build the cisterns. This gives our missionaries and their community members an opportunity to share the Good News in tangible ways.

    Through the cistern initiative, hundreds of families have easier access to millions of gallons of rainwater each year. More importantly, mutual respect grows in the communities allowing the Holy Spirit to empower the hearts of all involved to be assured of the grace of Jesus Christ.

    We have been contacted by the Sanchez family, who will be in Hamilton on June 10, 2018, and will give us an update on their mission work in Mexico.

    Additionally, Jose Pezini has personally called thanking our congregation for our financial support as well as our prayers. Jose works in all areas in Brazil, serving eight different denominations.

    The Presbyterian Church and your mission committee currently supports; nine local missions, seven national missions, and three international missionaries.  There are many other recipients that our church supports, one of which is the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoe Box ministry.

    As a committee of this Presbyterian church family we strive to fulfill our church mission by sharing the love of God with ALL people, giving them hope and comfort, while guiding them into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

    If anyone wants to join our committee, or just help on the various projects, please contact a member of the committee.