Stewardship Committee - August 2018 Update

08.15.18 | News | by Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee - August 2018 Update

    Consecration Sunday & Stewardship Committee Moment – August 2018


    How do you define stewardship? Seriously consider this question. Most dictionaries define a steward as one who takes care of something which belongs to someone else, assists with taking care of other persons, or aids in helping others to understand and use their God-given talents.


    Our church has had a Stewardship Committee for many years. This committee is tasked with the responsibility of guiding, leading, and encouraging our members and attendees to commit to a yearly financial pledge for the church. These commitments, along with our free will offerings, help to support all the programs our church provides to our congregation and community.


    As you may have noticed, we have more children attending our services. We would like to make more opportunities available to grow our young family ministry to sustain our church mission for years to come.


    Past Stewardship Campaigns have been a challenge at The Presbyterian Church due to the economy and other extenuating circumstances. However, we have turned a corner over the last three years. Some of the actions we have taken include:


    • Endowments that have been used in the past are now being paid back so that we can continue to support the ministry for years to come. The church has 26 endowments that cover everything from building maintenance and upkeep, Christian education, mission support, and music just to name a few.

    •  We have partnered with several community and governmental organizations that currently lease space from us. These lease payments not only help to support our operating budget but also go towards our elevator and HVAC maintenance and replacement funds.

    • This year all committees and associates of the church are utilizing allotted funds wisely. Expenses are remaining below or at budgeted allocations across the board.  


    Be sure to mark your calendars now for Consecration Sunday, October 14, 2018. We hope that you can attend this very special time of celebration and commitment in our church calendar.


    The members of The Presbyterian Church Consecration Sunday and Stewardship team are:


    Linda Bonham                                     Rick Jennings

    Bill Brunner                                         David Smith

    Bruce Burger                                       Carole Squibb

    Suzie Burger                                        David Squibb, Chairperson

    Susan Cook                                         Cindy Towles

    Jane Rose Green                                 Randy Towles

    Susan Hileman                                    Mary Ann Wolfe

    Linda Jennings                                    Tim Wolfe