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Coaching Small Group - January 27, 2022

Posted by Tom Bandy, Consultant on

Tom Bandy conducted a coaching session on Small Groups, Affinity Groups, Service Groups, and the different approaches to these accountability groups. Below is the recording of this session. If you have any questions about the Consultant process, please call the Church office, and we will be glad...

Coaching on Hospitality with Tom Bandy

Posted by Tom Bandy, Consultant on

On November 30, 2021, members of the church leadership met with Tom Bandy to discuss Hospitality. Hospitality is no longer just the nuts and bolts of coffee and snacks but requires an interactive team to engage with the people who come through our door or where we are serving. To learn more...

Vision and Mission Impact

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On Sunday, January 17, Tom Bandy, our consultant discussed Vision and Mission Impact and its role in the life of the church. Below is the video of his video, and further below is the script for this video.  Video 5 – Vision and Mission ImpactStrategic Thinking for the Next 7...