WELCOME HOME Sermon Series

WELCOME HOME Sermon Series

Every Sunday, from 08/05/2018 to 09/09/2018, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: The Presbyterian Church (Both sanctuaries), 23 S. Front St., 23 S. Court St., Hamilton, OH US 45011

Contact: Betsy Horton |

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How can we better connect with and engage with people in our church?? Our new sermon series, WELCOME HOME, a Bible study by Michael Kelly and Thom Rainer will be the basis of our new sermon series.  Here are some ways you can feel a part of this series:

  • Come to worship each week to watch the videos, hear the scripture from our Pastor, and find out how we can apply the principles in OUR church.
  • Purchase a WELCOME HOME study book for $10 to use during the series.
  • Meet with us at 6pm on Tuesday evenings throughout the series in the Mix and Mingle room to go a little deeper with what you heard the Sunday before. Sessions will be led by our church program staff.
  • Study the book on your own in between Sundays OR form a small group of friends to study the book together. 

We want our whole church to take the necessary steps together to help others feel the same welcome God has given us in Christ.