Thursday Online Forum

Thursday Online Forum

Every Thursday, 12:00 AM

THURSDAY NIGHT ONLINE FORUM will resume on Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. This year, we will begin with Douglas Cobb's book, "And Then the End Will Come." The book provides a front-line account of the effort to finish Jesus' Great Commission in our lifetimes. If you're discouraged about the craziness you see in the world today, “And Then the End Will Come” will offer you hope for better things soon to come -- things so great that the Bible says no one can imagine how awesome they will be. It's time to have hope. And it's time to get ready.  

Everyone is asked to purchase their own book. This book is available on Amazon for $14.95 and as a Kindle version for $9.95. You will be asked to read the book at your speed. Each Thursday, we will discuss what we have read. Trish Reynolds will be hosting this online forum. If she doesn't have an answer to your question, she'll gladly ask Pastor John & Pastor Kim for their interpretations. There are scholarships available, so don't let finance be the reason you can't join us. Here is the link to Zoom for Thursday evening. Save this link!         

      Meeting ID: 816 2765 5426 
      Passcode: 598316 


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