Our Leadership


Name Role Term
Michael Berding At-Large  2022
Linda Bonham Christian Education 2020
Bill Brunner Chair Personnel 2022
Megan Demoret Chair Community Outreach 2022
Kim Geisler Clerk of Session 2020
Carol Harp   Chair Church Life  2022
Pat Jones Chair Worship  2022
Rick McGuire Chair Trustees 2021
David Squibb  Chair Stewardship 2021
Randy Towles Chair Mission 2021
Marcia Trokhan Chair Nominating 2022
John Walton Christian Education 2021
Nancy Wile At-Large 2022
Tim Wolfe Stephen Ministers 2021

*** Individual contact information can be found in the church directory (members only) or please visit the "Contact Us" page.   


Name Role Term
Christina Bowling   2022
Margaret Chambers  Secretary 2022
Susan Cook  2021
Joan Crane  2021
Gail Hart  2021
Judy Holcomb  2021
Heather Lewis   2021
Jinene Mahon  2020
John Schuerfranz   2020
Melinda Schuerfranz   2020
Tyler Schuppie  2022
Carole Squibb* Moderator 2022
Sandy Vitale   2019
Carol Wick  2021

Church Representative for Presbytery:
Greg Eyler