What We Believe

Our Vision

To be the Heart of Christ in the Heart of the City.

Our Mission

Share the Love of God with ALL people, giving them hope and comfort, while guiding them into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

Our Goals

  • Spiritual growth and development
  • Membership involvement and ministry
  • Numerical growth and expansion

Our Values

  • Welcoming to all
  • Provide spiritual growth for all
  • Known for giving back to the community
  • Build unity through fellowship as One Church
  • Strong, active & educated leadership & volunteers
  • Transparent & effective communications
  • Embrace change for future vitality


Adult Spiritual Nurture

The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton is a congregation that takes seriously the lifelong spiritual development of the church community and is Bible-based and Christ-Centered.  We encourage members and participants to find their place, not only in the worship life of the congregation but also in one of the many study and fellowship opportunities that are available on Sunday mornings and at other times during the week.  We use the best possible resources to assist members in discovering their God-given gifts, values, strengths and passions, and to help them use these gifts in the service of Christ.


Children and Youth Ministries

The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton has come to be known as a congregation with a heart for children, teens, and their families.  Families with widely varied needs and from very diverse socio-economic circumstances find the love of Christ expressed in very tangible ways here each week. 


Mission and Outreach

The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton is known in our community as an equipping and sending church, committed to supporting its members in service to others in the name of Christ.  Every member of the community of faith is encouraged to grow in faith through active service to those who are in need. The missional emphasis of our congregation is evident in the many uses of our facilities by human service groups and agencies from the community.  Warm hospitality in facilities designed to enhance mission and outreach and active involvement by members in those service agencies gives tangible expression to the love of Christ at the heart of this congregation. 



At The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton, we have intentionally designed our facilities to accommodate our unique mission: to be "The Heart of Christ in the Heart of the City."  Our diverse worship services, community and social ministries and our many fellowship and learning activities are supported by an inviting, efficient and accessible physical environment.  The imaginative redevelopment of our downtown campus has energized our long and rich heritage as the pioneer church in the Hamilton area.