Who We Are

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Our History


In 1791, Fort Hamilton was built. Once the tumult of early settlement life calmed, the settlers began to organize churches. The first church in Hamilton was the predecessor of the former Front Street Church, organized in 1810. In 1816, the former First United Presbyterian Church was organized as an Associated Reformed Church.

 For a time, the sister churches met in the same building. In 1958, their parent denominations united and became the United Presbyterian Church in the USA. In 1983, the UPUSA Church reunited with the Presbyterian Church in the United States. This union brought an end to the schism that occurred over the issue of slavery during the Civil War times. At about the same time, the downtown Hamilton Presbyterian churches started steps toward the uniting of the two congregations. On January 1, 1984, the new congregation was officially formed. Because of this unification, The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton is both a pioneer church of the city and one of its younger congregation.

 Today, The Presbyterian Church recognizes and understands the changes our culture has undergone over the last 30 + years since the church was unified. We are continually seeking ways to reach people in the heart and outlying areas of Hamilton. We recognize that the needs of the people have changed and we are taking steps to meet those needs through worship, fellowship, and community events for all. We are not our grandparents' church, but we still strive to meet the needs of all our congregation and community.

 The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton is a member of the Presbytery of the Miami Valley.