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On Christmas Eve at a small church, there was a minister who placed a beautiful poinsettia on the altar. And then he made the statement that it was free for anybody who would come and take it now.  A lady in the back raised her hand and said, “Well, can I get it after church?” He said, “No, you have to come and take it now, but it’s free.” A college student, thinking maybe it was a prank, said, “Is it glued to the altar?”  Everybody laughed, but the minister said, “No, it’s not glued to the altar. It’s simply free if you’ll come and take it now.”  Nobody could believe it.  Finally, he started to think, “Boy, I wish I’d never done this.” Then a lady in the back raised her hand, whom he’d never seen before, and she said, “Can I take it now?” He said, “Yes, come on down.” She ran down the aisle, snatched it, and ran back to her seat.

Then, he launched into his sermon about the gift to eternal life; how it’s free for every single one of who will come and receive it. After church, the lady with the poinsettia felt guilty.  She said, “I can’t just take this without paying you.”  He said, “No, it’s free.” But she threw a ten-dollar bill at him anyway and ran out the door.

See, that’s the amazing thing.  Some people think that salvation costs something for each of us. Well, it didn’t cost anything for each of us; it’s free. Jesus Christ paid the real price. Merry Christmas.

Come, join me this Sunday morning for the Christmas cantata at The Presbyterian Church in the Front St. sanctuary at 10 am.  I think you will thoroughly enjoy that time together.