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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Years ago, there was a young executive and his wife who were invited by the CEO to his home out in the country to spend the weekend. They went to several nice restaurants.  On Saturday night they went to one that was very nice.  The CEO was walking in front of them in the parking lot and stopped, bent down and picked up a penny that was lying in a puddle. He looked at it, smiled, and put it in his pocket.  During dinner, curiosity got the better of the wife, and she said to him, “Was that penny of some great value?” He took it out and handed it to her.  He said, “Read what’s on back.” It said, “United States of America, One Cent.”.  He said, “Now turn it over and read what’s on front.” She read it, it said, “In God We Trust”.  He said, “Exactly. Every time I find a penny in a parking lot or the sidewalk, it’s God’s way of asking me, ‘Do you still trust me? ’and I try to, at least for a little bit during that day .”

Maybe you’re having a tough day.  Maybe you’re having a tough time trusting God right now. The next time you see a penny on a sidewalk or a parking lot, stop and pause and say, “Thank you, Lord. I do trust you. I know that you are in control of my life.”