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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Past few days, our country has been reeling from the tragedy that took place in Pittsburgh with the Jewish synagogue and the terrible shootings…..which begs the question “Why---why do bad things happen to innocent people?”  My answer is that sin came into this world and infected everything.  It infected our bodies, our minds….it infected even nature.  When you think about it, our kidneys break down, our hearts break down, and sometimes our minds even break down.  In this case, this man made a terrible moral decision and had a brain-snap, perhaps. That didn’t excuse the horror, but it happened. Maybe it helps to understand a little bit more why.

Eric Clapton had a situation where his 5-year-old fell out of a window; a beautiful, innocent, 5-year-old child.  It was an accident. And he wrote a song called, “When I See You in Heaven”, which brought a lot of healing to a lot of people who also lost children. But instead of becoming bitter, he worked with the window company in that high-rise to make windows better. 

Maybe you’re going through a tragedy right now.  Maybe God can use you to help somebody else who is also bitter, to becoming better or make this world a better place.

I hope this helps.