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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Years ago, there was a man standing in the middle of Golden Corral restaurant in a new suit and covered from head to toe in Thousand Island dressing. What had happened is the waitress had come through the swinging doors and dumped by accident 2 gallons of Thousand Island dressing all over his brand new suit.  He started screaming and cussing, demanding a new suit. Finally, the manager came out and looked at him and said, “Is there a problem?” “A problem,” he said, “ I want a new suit.  This suit cost me $300.”  Finally, the manager relented and gave him a check for $300. 

The sad part is that this took place on a Sunday afternoon at lunchtime.  And where had the man gone?  He had been to church. Think of the witness that he gave to the world at that Golden Corral.  Be careful what you do and what you say, because people are watching our witness.