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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

Sometimes things in life happen that make no sense whatsoever. I had a professor in seminary who taught us that our lives are a lot like a tapestry, but we only get to see the backside of the tapestry.  We see dark threads of black and gray, dark green and dark blue, all knotted, crisscrossed, no pattern, making no sense whatsoever.  He said, “ There’s one small, beautiful, gold thread that comes through. But even that thread is cut short. It’s the only beautiful thing in the tapestry on the back side.” He said, “It’s not until the next life that God takes the tapestry of our lives, and he turns it around – he flips it over and we see a beautiful meadow of dark green, lush grass, mountains in the back, a brook of water – beautiful blue. And then, the clouds above of a storm that has been passing over the mountains, dark gray and black clouds.  And then, there’s one gold ray of sunlight coming through, and that’s the ray of hope. And then it all makes sense – why things happen to us in this life.”

Maybe you’re having one of those days, where you’re wondering, “Is God really in control?” I can assure you that He is.