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Posted by Pastor John Lewis on

This is the time of year when there are lots of exams, lots of graduations.  Years ago, in the state of Texas, there was a student named Steve, who took a class in logic. It was the hardest class in the entire college, and everybody knew it.  The professor was merciful, however, and he said that the students could bring as much information to the exam that they could fit on an  8½ x 11 sheet of paper.

The next day, students filed in with pieces of paper crammed with information, except for Steve. Steve walked in with a blank sheet of paper……and a friend.  The professor noticed that there was a new student in class and he said, “Who is that, and why is he here?” Steve said, “This is my friend.  He took the class last year.  He got an A in your class of logic, and you said that we could bring this piece of paper and cram all the information that we could on to it. My friend can fit on this piece of paper.”  Steve got an A in the class.

God always stands next to us whenever we go through any test or any trial.  Maybe you’re going through one, right now.  God will be standing right beside you.