Deacons' Corner - December 2018 Update

12.03.18 | News | by Presby Deacons

    One committee per month will provide an update via our website. This is the first in a regular series of monthly updates from your Presby Committees.

    December 2018 - Deacons' Corner

    The Board of Deacons relies solely on the generosity of our congregation to help fund our various activities and responsibilities throughout the church and surrounding community.  Deacons regularly serve on all of our church’s committees, as well as on the Open Door Pantry Operations Committee, help church and community members with financial needs, visit shut-ins, provide meals and flowers for funerals and memorial services, and also help with church-wide events. 


    During October the following donations and/or expenses were paid by the Deacons Fund:                             


    Community Meal Center                        $   100.00                           

    Open Door Pantry                                  $    200.00                                  

    Salvation Army                                        $   300.00                              

    Family Promise                                       $   100.00                                  

    Bereavement                                          $     55.00                                                                             

    Mission-Zion Thanksgiving Dinner        $   300.00

    Supplies                                                  $      50.00

    Total Expenses:                                      $ 1105.00


    Collections received                            +$ 1484.00


    Deacons have recently been involved in various activities including:

    • Visiting and sending cards to VIP’s
    • Stocking shelves at the Open Door Pantry
    • Sending out cards to those in need
    • Handing out Afghans to those in need
    • Helping to prepare and serve communion and work as greeters
    • Helping to provide coffee for services
    • Helping to organize the Presby’s involvement in the Community Blood Drive held at Zion Lutheran
    • Passed out socks (over 850 pairs) and lots of candy at Trunk or Treat around the square.
    • Preparing Shoe Boxes for Shoe Box Ministry


    The next Blood Drive is 12/27/18, 12:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., at Zion Lutheran  Church in the gym. 

    Please prayerfully consider a donation to the Deacons Fund.  Our funds are solely dependent upon the congregations' generosity.  Envelopes are available the first Sunday of each month in the bulletin or in the pew backs.  Additionally, if you would like to donate diapers for the Open Door Pantry, you can drop them off in the church office (Please label for “Deacons”).  The Deacons greatly appreciate your continued support. 


    If you know of a person in need or a shut-in who would like a visit from the Deacons, please contact one of the Deacons or the church office at 513-867-5411.  The members of your 2017/2018 Board of Deacons are Rick Jennings (Moderator), Don Armbruster, Christina Bowling, Mike Brumback, Susie Burger, Susan Cook, Sara Everette, Liz Griffel, Gail Hart, Tim Hoskins, Becky Huff, Linda Jennings, Bill Kincer, Prudy Kyle, Heather Lewis, Marla Richardson, John Schuerfranz, Melinda Schuerfranz, Carole Squibb, Cindy Towles, Sandy Vitale, Suzette Wentz, and Mary Ann Wolfe.